The Idea

It is said that all great things begin with an idea. We must not, however, take this to mean that all ideas are great things. Personally I’m still not 100% as to whether or not this is a great idea but I’m damn well sure that with some time and effort there is every chance it can become a great thing.

From being a know it all in school to being the loud mouth in college I’ve spent plenty of time with plenty to say but without plenty of ears to listen. With a range of interests as far as the eye can see and an attention span to rival a goldfish I am constantly on the lookout for new content to fill free time which has up until now been spent having many opinions but voicing none. If this blog serves as nothing else but a means to voice those opinions then the idea may very well be great after all.

This content will range from world politics to various sports to my opinions on historical events that have shaped today’s world. The freedom to speak and be heard is perhaps the best gift bestowed upon us. To be able to express ones mind through books, blogs and speeches regardless of whether or not ones opinions conform to the status quo.

My aim is simply to alleviate my mind of the many thoughts and opinions weighing down upon it and hopefully in doing so reach an audience to whom they may provide insight and entertainment.


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